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Upgrading firmware

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The Gluonpilot modules comes shipped with the excellent bootloader "ds30 Loader".

The GUI for the bootloader can be found:

The latest firmware for your gluonpilot module can be found:

Upgrading from v0.5 or newer

The Gluonconfig contains an "Upgrade firmware" button. Just make sure your module has booted, select the correct .hex file, and there you go!

Upgrading from v0.4 or earlier (also possible with other versions)

This video show how I typically burn new firmware to the module:

Important remark:

  • Firmware upgrades might include new configuration parameters. The new configuration structure might render your current saved configuration useless (scrambled). Always save your configuration to disk before doing a firmware upgrade. After the upgrade, reload the "Default" configuration, load your saved one from disk and Burn & Write it.

General remarks:

  • Start with the gluonpilot module disconnected (unpowered)
  • Device: dsPID33FJ256MC710
  • Baudrate: 115200
  • Com port: See your device manager (the FTDI-cable driver generates a virtual com port).
  • After clicking "download" you've got 10 seconds to connect the module to the FTDI cable.

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