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Camera trigger

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Servo or PWM trigger

The SERVO_TRIGGER command allows you to send a PWM-based trigger. It has 3 parameters:

  • Channel: Usually channel 6
  • Pulse width: The position of the servo is set using a PWM pulse. The width varies from 1000us to 2000us. This value will determine the angle of your servo horn.
  • Position hold: how long the triggering command should wait before the servo is set back to the original position.

The original position should be set previously (e.g. as the first command) using the SERVO_SET command. Test it on the bench or in similation mode.

An example navigation script with a trigger that can be called (using the button) at any time:

CHDK based trigger

CHDK (Canon hack development toolkit) is something very cool: it allows you to script or alter the functionality of you Canon compact camera. By using the "Remote" feature, we can use gluonpilot to trigger the camera!

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