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Patrol flight along the streets

One of my first out-of-sight flights. Plane: Funjet

High altitude flight

Experimenting with high altitudes. This "record" was later on broken with a >1km altitude flight!

User flight

Sidewind proved us with this flight that a rudder-only easystar + gluonpilot can handle strong winds!

User gluonpilots

If you have a flying gluon-powered airframe yourself, feel free to add it!

Owner Tom
Description This is the very first plane the gluonpilot flew in! Used to be my high-speed plane, but was converted to a UAV-plane by putting in a smaller motor. Died in May 2010 after a servo blocked and the plane spiraled down. RIP
More info no longer required :-)

Funjet ultra
Owner Tom
Description After Funjet 1 crashed, I had no other option to buy a new one. Multiplex only offered the "ultra" version as a kit. Now I had to chance to build a plane only for UAV use, I made it possible to include the gluonpilot module in the "turtledeck". Normally this is closed and not used.

The engine is a typhoon 6/15 on 2S 2200mAh LiPo.

More info On the blog post

Owner Tom
Description The quadrocopter as descibed on the Quadrocopter page.
More info On the Quadrocopter page

Owner Mitch
Description Precision Aerobatics Katana Mini autopilot platform uses gluonpilot "aileron" mode.
Gains Gluonpilot ver .3, Elevator P=.6, Aileron P=.5, Heading to roll P=.7
More info On the forum

Owner Lukasz
Description By Lukasz. See build instruction
More info On the forum

Swift II
Owner Koaxpilot
Description By Koaxpilot
More info Not available

Owner Florian
Description P51 by Florian
More info Not available

SuperImpress II
Owner Bjorn
Description By Bjorn aka Icebear
More info On RC-Groups

Simprop Zaunk├Ânig
Owner Florian
Description Smallest flying gluonpilot!
More info Not available

Owner Eric
Description The motor mounted on the pilon caused quite a large downwards pitching moment.
More info Not available

Owner Eric
Description A very familiar looking funjet :-)
More info Not available

Owner Philippe
Description Long range skywalker setup
More info Equipped with 8000 mAh 3s batteries more than one hour of flight

time , go pro hd camera and gluonpilot!

Automating your flight!

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