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On request, a special version of the gluonpilot has been created to be used in F1E (free flight gliders) competition.

This is how the gluonpilot adaption works:

  • A 3D magnetometer (HMC5843) is connected to the 3V3 I2C port. See also this post.
  • Before launch, the model is pointed in the correct direction and the SMD button on the PCB is pressed. From then on, the output on servo 1 is proportional to the "heading error". With a rudder servo connected to servo 1, the plane will always fly in this direction.

These parameters can be set in Gluonconfig:

  • Servo 1 reverse check box, if you servo turns in the wrong direction.
  • Heading 2 roll PID values. The larger the P-value is, the more the rudder servo will move.
  • Cruise speed in case of GPS failure. Because F1E gliders are not allowed to have a GPS module, we don't know the speed of the module. This is essential if we want to calculate the pitch and roll angle of the model (needed to compensate the 3D compass readings). To overcome this, we assign a default speed (e.g. 2m/s)

The F1E features in the firmware are enabled by setting the F1E_STEERING define in the MpLab project settings before compiling.

If you are interested in a module with this special firmware version, please contact me.

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