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The Multiplex Funjet as a fast and agile flying wing. It's agile nature makes it very responsive, which I like a lot when testing out new autopilot-code.


The extension board really reduces the complexity of using a wireless modem (XBee).

Before there was an extension board...

The canopy is large enough the put the gluonpilot module above the receiver, but I decided to place it under the "turtledeck" to make sure I had enough space left for further additions (telemetry link, other hardware):

There is enough room for a wireless modem (XBee):

Because high speeds cause large turning circles (makes you feel a bit uncomfortable when your plane goes almost out of sight during tests!) I installed a smaller motor (Typhoon 6/15 on 2S 2200mAh). With this setup the cruising speed is around 19m/s (68 km/h or 43mph).

For people with a funjet or similar flying wing, I recommend to start with my Gluonconfig configuration file located in the download section.

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