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Replay: funjet flight

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GCS in replay mode

The Gluon Control Station has the unique capability to replay a logged flight.

This allows Gluonpilot owners to analyse their flights, but also allows non-gluonpilot owners to get the feel of the Gluon Control Station!

Attached at the end of this post you will find my latest funjet flight. As you will see when flying circles, it was very windy (+- 7m/s), but no problem for the gluonpilot! For the demo, it was a short flight with only few waypoints, but with auto-takeoff and auto-landing.

The flight plan is as follows:

  • Block Takeoff
    • This will fly in the take-off direction until the desired altitude has been reached (40m)
  • Block Standby
    • In this block, the UAV is waiting for input, and flies in a circle while waiting
  • Block Route
    • Here a very basic 3-waypoint route is flown using the FLY_TO command
  • Block Descent
    • This circle is used to lose altitude. When the descent is done, the plane will fly 30m above ground in a circle
  • Block Flare
    • This command will make the UAV cut throttle and glide on the line between the descent-circle and the flare waypoint.

Using the buttons on the GCS, you can switch between the different blocks. The current block-button is highlighted in yellow.

Some tips when using the GCS:

  • Pressing "i" will zoom In
  • Pressing "o" will zoom Out
  • Pressing "c" will center the view on the plane
  • Pressing the first letter of a block will make the UAV go to this block (not available in replay mode :) )
  • Draw the map with your left mouse button
  • Right click on the map or a waypoint to see the context menu
  • Waypoints can be dragged, but they will remain gray because they won't be synchronized with the Gluonpilot

Download Gluon Control Station 0.7.1 (or newer) to replay this flight.

Download the Flightlog for replay.

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